Spettrometro sonoro in tempo reale

Spettrometro in tempo reale

Spettrometro sonoro con rilevazione in tempo reale
con seguenti caratteristiche tecniche :

Spectrograph features:
– 2D view with control panel for record, free run and store
– 3D view (free run only) with touch gesture controls of the viewing angle
– free choice of bandwidth and number of frequency bands (depending on device up to 800!)
– 3 buffer sizes: 1024 / 2048 / 4096 samples 
– 3 gain modes for getting the best out of every acoustical situation
– 6 different color schemes
– logarithmic time frequency scale (detachable)
– record spectrograms (recording time between 30 seconds and 2 minutes – depending on your device)
– share your spectrograms via Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing
– record preroll
– select audio channel input 
– reprocessing of recorded spectrograms
– compensation for the low cut of the built-in microphone and selected external microphones utilizing the input jack (available as in app purchases)
– detailed help section within the Spectrograph with no need for internet connection 

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